Textures, shapes and patterns, captured in the moment of seeing. 
After selling a photograph at my first exhibition in 2011 I was encouraged to pursue photography and exhibit again. I am interested in exploring colours, textures, shapes, composition and patterns as captured in the moment of seeing. 
This exhibition is inspired by the expression of awareness through the lens. I am exploring awareness and delight in relation to objects in both their form and meaning. These images express to me a question about how we see the world. How does the viewer determine what is seen? Where do we focus our attention? What is reality or what is really true? 
Prints and cards available. Commissions welcomed.
East Asian brush paintings
For the third weekend of open studios (20 and 21 July) Imogen Tennison will also be exhibiting her East Asian paintings.
Following a lifelong interest in Japanese art, Imogen started exploring East Asian Painting with Peter Cavaciuti (painter and tea master). The meditative exploration is being shared for your interest and delight. Come along for the third weekend of open studios (20 and 21 July) for a special treat. 
See the gallery below.
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