Four Buddhist photographers Ian Collins, Jeremy Peters, Imogen Tennison and Vilokini are exhibiting for Cambridge Open Studios
Meet them at Cambridge Buddhist Centre on the last two weekends of July: 20, 21, 27, 28. 
Ian Collins

Ian collins

jeremy peters

Imogen Tennison



For the last three years the Cambridge Sangha Photographers group have held a summer exhibition at Cambridge Buddhist Centre. We were brought together by a mutual interest in photography, while our Buddhist practice, based on awareness through meditation and mindfulness, informs how we choose our subjects. We meet regularly to review each other’s work, share technical advice and have the occasional day out to take pictures or visit exhibitions.
Our individual artistic practice has developed over the years, and we have noticed how our work has gained momentum as we bring awareness to different aspects of the world around us. When we pay attention to anything: the play of light or reflections on water, a flower, a clove of garlic, a building, a passing bicycle on a Cambridge bridge, a coffee cup even, we feel connected and we can start to open up to its resonance. ‘Do you find,’ says the artist Laurie Anderson. ‘That as soon as you pay attention to something, it becomes beautiful? Is it the act of paying attention that is the beautiful thing?’
This summer four of us have taken the plunge to join the Cambridge Open Studios and invite visitors to see our work, take a tour of our beautiful Georgian theatre, sample meditation, drink coffee and listen to talks on art and Buddhism.
Update: Imogen Tennison will also be exhibiting her East Asian paintings on 20 & 21 July.
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